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What is SEO and How it Works

Are you a website owner and want your website to be visible to the maximum number of internet users.

then SEO is a strategy which you need to follow that can help you in achieving high visibility.

In this article i will explain to you what SEO is and what needs to be done to make your website SEO optimized.

What is SEO ?

SEO is referred to as Search Engine Optimization; it’s a method or process of optimizing your website for a single keyword or a group of keywords (phrases used for searching) so that your website is ranked in the top most position in search engines while users are searching for that particular keyword in search engines.

SEO is one of the best strategy to be used for gaining huge amount of traffic as search engines is one of the biggest source of traffic, over 1 billion people use google search alone every month (google search usage data)  and this usage is growing and making your website to rank on top of google search engines is a no brainer for attracting large amount of traffic

How SEO works?

SEO comprises of three phases and they are

  • Keyword Research
  • On Page Optimization
  • Of Page Optimization

These 3 phases form the core of SEO

For ranking your website in top page of search engine it is a must to do all the phases mentioned above in progression

        1. Keyword Research 

Keywords are the phrases which users use to search in Google or other search engines for finding the information they require.

Keyword research is the first step in SEO, by keyword research you need to figure out for which set of keywords your website needs to be ranked for, it can be a single keyword or multiple keywords but you need to decide the keyword.

For finding the right set of keywords there are a lot of tools available both free and paid, Google itself provide a keyword planner tool which can help you figure out the right keyword and that to it is free.

While selecting keywords keep these points in mind

  • Keywords to be selected should be relevant to the content of the website For eg: If you have a website for a cake shop you need to find keywords related to cake shop, selecting keywords related to other topics won’t help you to rank
  • Select keywords with good search volume and low competitiveness, the keyword planner tool helps you in finding the search volume as well as the amount of competition for a particular keyword.

         2. On Page Optimization

Once the keywords have been selected, the next step is On Page Optimization

On Page optimization is the process of making technical changes in your website such as inclusion of keyword in content, tweaking page layout, inclusion of HTML tags etc for search engines to rank your website highly.

On page optimization is a very important aspect of SEO as having good content alone is not enough, the content in website needs to be optimized according to the search engines algorithms

I have summarized below few of the most important On Page Optimization techniques which can help you to boost search engine ranking.

  • Inclusion Of Title – Content posted in website need to be given titles having the respective keyword in it
  • Inclusion of Meta Description – Inclusion of keyword in meta description help in ranking
  • Increasing Website Loading speed
  • Inclusion of Keyword in website content
  • Inclusion of H1, H2, H3 tags ( Content posted in website needs to have a structure with the following header tags
  • Image SEO – Inclusion of images in website as well as include Alt text and descriptions for images
  • Inclusion of Keyword in website URL

          3. Off Page Optimization

Off page optimization refers to the actions that are done completely off your website for achieving higher ranking in search engines.

Of page optimization doesn’t involve any technical changes that need to be done on your website, it involves actions such as blog commenting, forum marketing, social network account creation etc which are totally independent of your website.

By doing Off page optimization, it helps in indexing your website faster with search engines which helps in higher ranking as well as building links of your website on other web properties will help in increasing the value of your website and content in the eyes of search engines and indirectly boost your ranking.

Find below few of the most important Off- Page optimization techniques

  • Social Bookmarking
  • Blog Commenting
  • Forum marketing
  • Web 2.0 promotion
  • Press Releases
  • Article Submission
  • Image Submission
  • PDF submission sites
  • Social Networks promotion


With the number of new websites being launched increasing day by day , it is getting harder to be found on search engines like never before, hence SEO is a much needed skill which you need to know about , that can help you in increasing your website visibility in search engines.

Through this post titled What is SEO and How it works we  intend to give you a brief inside view of SEO and its working, if you have any queries concerning SEO please feel free to post your comments below , will respond to your queries ASAP.

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