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What is a Landing Page and Why Is It Important

I am sure you would have clicked on ads on Google or similar online offers which got you redirected to a web page asking you to enter your email address in return for a free PDF or to know more about the product mentioned in the Ad or offer.

These web pages are referred to as Landing Pages.

So to define Landing Pages

Landing Page is a website page which a visitor lands on after clicking an online ad or similar offers that is used to collect visitor information for the sole objective of conversion.

Few Examples of Landing Pages 

Customer Detail Collecting Landing pages


Free Trial Account Signup Landing page


Landing page to Download Case Study


But why should we use a Landing page to collect visitors information for conversion instead of an Homepage ?

Say you have a website which sells mobile phones of different brands

And you are running an ad campaign on Google, Facebook etc. offering a discount of 50% on the purchase of iPhone 6s from your website.

Now say when a visitor seeing your discount offer ad shown in Google is interested in making the purchase and clicks on the ad and is directed to the homepage of your website.

He will be shown information of not only the 50% discount offer on iPhone6s but also details of other brands which makes the visitor confused since he was not shown what he was looking for.

At the same time

When he is directed to a landing page he can be shown exactly what he is looking for and the probability of converting the visitor into a customer is very high.


 Other Highlights of Landing pages 

  • Customizable: By using landing pages you can run multiple campaigns for different offers in your website as well as you can instantly customize (add texts, videos, image etc ) the landing page according to your requirement without affecting your design in the homepage.

For eg:

Check Out the E-Commerce website Flipkart , The homepage of the website consists of information of a variety of products it sells on the website as shown in the screenshot below.

But when you click on any product image from the homepage  it opens up to landing page exclusively for that product and this landing page can be updated with new information at any time without affecting the homepage or other pages in the website.

  • Testing: Landing Pages provides you the option to test which ad campaigns attract more customers for a particular offer and allows you to generate more sale from that campaign by running it longer.

For eg:

Say you are launching a Discount offer campaign for a particular product in your website.

Now you can create a Landing page for this offer and display it to say 50% of your website visitors and

Simultaneously you can create an another Landing page for the same offer with a change in the Headline caption and display to the rest of the 50% of website visitors.

By doing this you can compare which campaign brought you better results and proceed using the winning campaign to all your website visitors.

  • Sharing: Landing pages makes it easy to be shared , say when a visitor finds a particular product interesting and wants to share the details with his friends he can share the page of that particular product rather than the link of the homepage.


Where all Landing Pages are used

  • Product Page: Most Ecommerce websites have their product pages designed as landing pages, which help in bringing greater sales by providing customers what they want.
  • Email Marketing: You would have received emails with promotional content which when clicked takes you to a  landing page asking you to enter your email id or make a purchase.
  • Google Ads or Other Online Ads: Almost all online ads when clicked gets you redirected to a landing page and thereby making the visitor to act upon the offer in the ad.
  • Lead Capture Page: Landing pages are effectively used to capture website visitor details such as email id, phone number, name and other details in return for a free PDF or other bonuses.
  • Promotional Page: A promotional page is mainly meant for making a website visitor to take an action , and that task can be successfully carried out by a landing page.



We feel now you would have got a clear idea on what a landing page is and how important is it in increasing your ROI from your online properties.

Want to launch a landing page for your website but don’t know how to, Check out the Blog Post listed below which will help you easily launch Landing pages in minutes.

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If you have any queries or comments regarding Landing Pages please feel free to post your comments below  or mail us at


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