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Top 5 Email Service Providers for Small Business

Choosing an email service provider among a large number of email service providing companies can be a daunting task

……… and like most people

you may be confused on which service provider to opt for

So in this post I have grouped together Five of the top email service providing companies for  small businesses which you can opt for.

Before you scroll down to view the listed email service providers, I have mentioned below some basic features that you need to look for in email service providing companies.

Zero Downtime: The service provider should have the capability of providing zero downtime for the email service.
Easy to Use Interface : The email interface provided need to be user friendly
Spam Filter: The email service should be capable of filtering out spam messages from your inbox automatically
Security: The service provider need to have systems in place to provide protection from hackers, unauthorized users and other virus attacks.
Storage: The provider should provide ample amount of storage space as well as solution for organizing and managing email content.
Availability: Email access should be made available on multiple devices such as smartphones, tablets etc via mobile apps
Integration: The email service should be able to easily integrate with existing online tools you use.6





GMAIL offers its service for businesses ranging from small companies to large fortune 500 companies with over 1 billion people using its services. GMAIL being a product of Google in addition to the email service it provides, businesses also get access to other Google applications such as Google Docs, Google Drive, Google Slides and many more.

One of the highlights of GMAIL is that businesses can read and compose mails via GMAIL Android & IOS apps in offline mode with the messages being sent automatically to the receiver when connected online.

GMAIL offers three pricing plans with a starting Basic plan offering 30 GB storage at a cost of 5$/user/month and a plan offering unlimited storage for 10$/user/month. For more details regarding pricing plans visit here

Feature Highlights

  • 24/7 Live Support – Call & Email Support
  • Highly Secure (Google Servers)
  • Easy to migrate
  • Centralized admin control where setting up of email accounts and other mail managing tasks is a breeze
  • Advanced features such as Undo Send & Email Forwarding available
  • Less likely to receive junk messages


outlook email is an email service offered by Microsoft, Outlook offers its email service in two ways, users can either select the standalone business email service only or choose the business email service along with the Office 365 Business plan.

By selecting the Office 365 Business plan the users will get access to applications such as Microsoft word, Outlook, Excel etc as well as services such as Microsoft Exchange, One Drive, Sharepoint and many more.

The pricing plan for Outlook email service starts at 4$/user/month with 50 GB storage and an Unlimited storage plan for 8$/user/month. For pricing plan details visit here 

Feature Highlights

  • Ability to recover deleted emails
  • Easily integrate with other tools
  • Highly Secure (Microsoft Resources)
  • Ability to find low priority emails and separate them from inbox
  • Clean Ad Free Inbox
  • Admin Panel for managing all email accounts




zoho email


Zoho comes with a clean, ad free, easy to use email service tailor made for small businesses and other professional use. Zoho offers a free plan which provides 5GB storage and upto 25 users can be created this can be more than enough for small businesses

Zoho paid plan starts at 2$/user/month offering 30 GB storage with various other features. It doesn’t offer an Unlimited plan with the maximum being 1TB storage for 8$/user/month. For pricing plan details visit here

Zoho doesn’t run any advertisements for the free plan and its email service comes with other Zoho productivity tools such as Zoho tasks, notes, doc and many more.

Feature Highlights

  • Offer Free Plan
  • Secure & Reliable (99.9 percent uptime guaranteed)
  • Easy to setup & Manage
  • Clean & Fast Webmail with feature matching any other top email service providers



4.Rackspace Email

rackspace email


Rackspace is one of the best Hosting & Cloud Service providing companies providing an industry leading 100% Network Uptime Guarantee.

Rackspace email service offering is highly suitable for small businesses, It provides a 2 week free plan with no long term contracts and has its Basic starting plan at 2$/user/month with a storage offering of 25 GB. It also offers an unlimited storage plan at 6.50$/user/month. For pricing plan details visit here

Rackspace email is fully compatible with Outlook and any other desktop client as well as it provides 24x7x365 support via phone, chat and email.

Feature Highlights

  • 100% Uptime Guarantee
  • 24x7x365 support
  • 50 MB attachment
  • Secure (Premium Spam & Virus protection)
  • Free & Easy Migration




atmail email


Atmail founded in 1998 was one of the first commercial webmail products available at the time providing an alternative to webmail client. Atmail email service pricing starts with a 20$/month plan with 10 mail boxes included and 100GB storage up front and also has a growth plan for 125$ per month for 1 TB storage up front. For pricing plan details visit here

Feature Highlights

  • Email service easily customizable
  • Finely tuned anti spam service
  • Support via Phone & Email
  • Easily scalable to suit your requirements
  • Large Storage limits




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