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How to Setup LocalHost Website on Windows & Mac

Are you finding problems while setting up localhost website on your Windows or Mac system

Then you have reached the right place , we at SupportNo1 have compiled together a step by step easy to understand manual which will help you easily to setup a localhost on your system.

We have also included videos providing you a visual description of the installation procedure.

Setting up localhost website in windows


Goto google and type xampp download, see the first search result, choose it. and Click on Download Xampp ie first search result

Step 2:

The latest version is downloaded as it is notified

Step 3:

Please double click the file or run the file

Click next

Make sure all those fields are checked.

Step 4:

Choose the install destination here it is c://xampp

Step 5:

Now proceed further by clicking next

Installation progress

Step 6:

Finish the installation, please tick the checkbox,

Step 7:

Xampp control panel view

Step 8:

Now start the services especially apache and mysql

Step 9:

To check the localhost, we goto a browser and type “localhost” in the address bar

Step 10:

This is the default localhost page.
NOTE: The Webserver software has the default document root where the path is C://xampp/htdocs where the files accessed by the webserver software needs to be put. This will reflect in the localhost ‘s webpage

To work a webserver software in windows we need to disable User Account Control.
You can do it by typing UAC in start ➢ search
Disable the settings.

Setting up localhost website in Mac

Step 1:

Log on to google and search “Xampp for Mac”

Step 2:

Download the latest setup file of Xampp (.dmg file)

Step 3:

Save it to downloads,

Step 4:

Now run the downloaded setup file, refer the bottom left portion,

Extraction proceeds

Step 5:

The extracted xamp set up file, double click on that,

The xamp app is being deployed for installation

Now please read the pop up and choose “Open”

Step 6:

Now it asks for Apple ID authentication, please authenticate,

Now xampp app installation wizard, click next

Make sure all are checked click next

Click next

Getting setup ready click Next

Installing ..

Step 7:

After installation please check launch Xampp and click finish

The localhost page opens and this page is default xampp page.

Step 8:

To see the xampp control panel goto the deck and click on Launchpad and search for Xampp.
The XAMPP control panel, shown in figure.

Step 9:

If you click on Goto Application –the xampp installation folder opens,

Step 10:

The htdocs folder is the document root of a webserver.

Step 11:

Click on Manage Servers tab to start the services,

Step 12:

The Xampp log files are accessible to the very next tab


You can visit the following forums to interact and share your experience with installation procedures as well as gaining extra knowledge


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Watch our Full Video Tutorial on Setting up localhost environment in Mac

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