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How To Install WordPress on Hosting Server


Having troubles in installing WordPress on hosting server, we at SupportNO1 have prepared a detailed step by step guide on how manually you can install WordPress on your hosting server.
Before you proceed with the process of installation, make sure you have the following items with you.

➢ Log in Credentials of your C-Panel
➢ FTP Log in credentials
➢ WordPress Software: Download wordpress software from here

Step 1:

Download the latest version of WordPress from (To download click here)


Step 2:

Log in to your server Cpanel


Step 3:

Once logged into your C-Panel select “File Manager”


Step 4:

After selecting File Manager you will need to select the folder public_html which can be seen as shown in the image below.


Step 5:

Once selected Upload the rar file downloaded from WordPress website, Upload button is on top side menu listings.


When you upload the progress bar shows like this, wait till the progress bar completes the upload.

Step 6:

After upload, you need to click on go back to direct you to the file listing page.


Step 7:

Here select the uploaded file from the list and once clicked a popup will open where you need to select the option extract


Step 8:

Once file extracted go back to the Cpanel Home page and select MySQL Databases setup.


Step 9:

Once selecting MySQL Database do the following tasks by filling in the respective coloumns

  1. Create your Database
  2. Create a Database User and assign that user to your Database
  3. Finally, give your Database User full privileges on the DB


Enter the name of your database and click on create database


You can also name the user whatever you want in the username field. Note down the name of your database user along with the password and database name and click on create user.


Assign All Privileges for Your User to the Database.


Click on “Make Changes” and save the database.

Step 10:

Once the above actions are done open your domain name used for your wordpress blog on any browser by typing , once opened an option to select language will be provided select your language and click on Let’s go as shown below.

Next Enter the Database Name of the database we created earlier. “. In case of prefix please make sure prefix is correctly entered.
Do the same for the User Name, again, including the prefix.
Enter the password for your Username. Leave the Database Host and Table Prefix at their default set.
Click Submit.



Once clicked on submit , the following page shown below will be displayed , click on run to install and after that click on install wordpress. Once done a success message box will be shown mentioning that wordpress has been installed on your hosting server.



Watch our Full Video Tutorial on WordPress Installation



With hosting providers providing wordpress installed hosting services it may not be necessary  for you to know how to install wordpress on your hosting server but by knowing how to manually install wordpress on your hosting server it will help you to save cost as well as it is much more secure.

We hope the following step by step guide would help you to install worpress on your hosting server , if you have any queries or further doubts regarding installation please comment below will respond to your comments ASAP.

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