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Create Free Landing Pages For Your Business : Getresponse Landing Page Tutorial

In this post i will show you how to create a Landing page for your website using Getresponse.

Before i proceed to the steps on How to do it.

I will give you a brief description on what Getresponse is to those of you who have not heard of it.

Getresponse is an all in one marketing platform which you can use to grow your business online. It helps you to launch your email marketing campaigns, webinars, create Landing pages as well as provide you the option to automate your online marketing activity.

For more details you can check out Getresponse Website here

So Let’s start..

Step 1 

Once you login with your credentials, you will be directed to this Dashboard page. Then click on the button above mentioning Landing pages.


Step 2
Once clicked on Landing pages you will be directed to the page mentioned above , here click on the blue button Create Landing page.


Step 3

Getresponse provides you with a wide variety of ready-made templates which you can use for your Landing page or else you can create your Landing page from scratch by clicking on Build from scratch.


Step 4

Enter a name for your selected Landing page and click on Use template.


Step 5

Here you would be able to make changes on your selected Landing page. This is the editor which Getresponse provides for either to create a Landing page from scratch or make changes on selected Landing pages. Using the editor you would be able to make a host of additions in your Landing page some of which i have mentioned below.

  • Add videos to Landing page
  • Add image
  • Include social icons
  • Add extra graphics
  • And many many more

After making changes on your selected Landing page click on the button positioned on the top right corner named Next step


Step 6

After clicking on next step the page shown above will be displayed , here you can make your Landing page SEO optimized by entering page title and meta description as well as you will have the option to assign your own domain name if you have one for your Landing page.

Once done click on publish and the following page displayed below will be shown with your created Landing page link.

Watch our detailed step by step video presentation on how to create a Landing page using Getresponse



Its so easy to create a Landing page for your website , and that to Getresponse provides you a free account for 30 days whereby you can create Landing pages for free. In my coming posts i will show you how you can connect your Landing page to an autoresponder as well include a thank you page. If you have any queries or  doubts regarding creating landing pages with Getresponse please post it as a comment below or mail us at




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