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4 Benefits On Having An Online Portfolio

Are you a freelancer or a professional looking for client’s to offer your services online?

If yes then a portfolio website is a must

Check out the 4 major benefits
1) Showcase your work in a professional manner
How you present your work to your client play’s a major role in the decision making process on choosing you to execute the task on behalf of client. A portfolio website helps you to showcase your work in a very professional and organized manner and it gives an impression in the minds of the client that you are serious and passionate about your work.

2) Higher visibility
Google search is a medium used by majority of clients to find prospective service providers to solve their business problems. Having a portfolio website makes you available on google search, whereby when a client searches for a service in your domain your portfolio will be made available on search results instantly.

3) Get more enquiries
You can easily add your contact details, such as contact email id, phone number , social profiles etc in portfolio and also you can update these details instantly. What’s the benefit is that when a person is going through your portfolio and he is impressed with your work he will have all contact details about you on his fingertips and can get in touch with you at that very instant.

4) Give you more flexibility
An online portfolio website gives you a variety of options, say you want to include a video or an audio in your portfolio, it is easily possible in an online portfolio website. Say you had sent your portfolio to a client few days ago and in the meantime you had worked on other new projects, you can easily update your portfolio with details of new work and showcase it your clients instantly.

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